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Terms & Conditions

The goods and prices, which can be displayed on 3f.lv, are of informative nature. Despite the fact that in most cases the displayed goods correspond to the way they look in real life, we want to inform you that this is a manufacturer's photo, and 3f.lv is not responsible for discrepancies in colour, shape or other properties. If the client is not available (by phone, e-mail or mail), goods are stored for 3 months. At the end of this period 3f.lv reserves the right to dispose of goods at its own discretion. 3f.lv the given information does not create any legal obligations between the visitors of internet shop and its creators. The prices of the products are in EUR. It is forbidden to publish any images from 3f.lv without a consent of administration!

The Cabinet of Ministers Regulations № 255 "About the remote agreement".

By using our website to purchase products or services, you agree to understand the privacy policy, and agree to keep track of changes to it. Privacy policy explains how 3f.lv processes your personal data when you use services on the website. This policy provides you with information about what information we use and protect. The policy refers to the processing of all types of personal data from 3f.lv website. Data protection information. You give us personal information (name, phone number; e-mail address; address for receiving goods or services) when you are logged in to the service account, when you call or send e-mails.

Your personal data is automatically anonymised after completion of the order (delivery, cancellation). You tell how you would like to receive information about our goods and services (by sending a message, a postal address or an e-mail address). 3f.lv can get your personal information as personal information of site user only from you personally and only in case if you are using home page (registration of orders, contact customer service when you are making a purchase or a service withdrawal or e-mail).

Recipients of personal data

In the cases determined by law 3f.lv can give information to third persons. 3f.lv may use the information gathered by users of the web site without identifying individual users, in order to better understand how the web sites are used, and also to study the habits of the visitors.

When you pay for the goods and services provided by 3f.lv we summarize and process the following information: your bank account number; the name of your bank institution; your telephone number.

Data protection regulations

The data is necessary to identify the person, verify the person's ability to pay and transfer to a third party for another purpose. By providing your personal data for the leasing purchase, you confirm that the data have been filled in independently and are true.

Personal data can be forwarded to state authorities and governmental institutions, law enforcement agencies (police, etc.) only when necessary and in accordance with the legal procedure stipulated by laws and regulations. After the order has been processed the data is deleted from 3f.lv without saving, except for the data that is in accounting in connection with the processing of payment for the order. You have the right to lodge a complaint to the Data State Inspectorate if you believe that your right to protection of personal data has been violated.

Refunds, compensation, replacement rules

Useful information on our return/refund/replacement policy can be found in our FAQ section.

Rules for payment

It is possible to pay via delivery note or cash on receipt of goods. Payment by bank card will be introduced shortly.