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Gas condensing boiler Condens GC9000iW 30E
EAN: 64
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Bosch's most economical condensing unit for heating and hot water from 20 to 50 kW. Unique design with high-quality glass surface and touch screen Suitable for heating flats or private homes and hot water preparation.

Wide choice of models 20; 30; 40; 50 kW;

Infinitely variable power control (flame modulation 1:10);

Small size and weight, easy and convenient to assemble;

Comfortable and ergonomic control, touch screen in Latvian;

Unique design with high quality glass surface;

Additional noise insulation ensures very quiet operation of the boiler;

Integrated circulation pump;

Automatic function of the control keys;

Complete, ready-to-connect heating unit;

Hot water by connection of a hot water tank;

Built-in programmable controller EMS2 series CW400 with control of outdoor or room temperature;

Bosch CP500 electronic control;

Solar system can be controlled with EMS2 series temperature controller.

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